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Angry Birds x86 portable Torrent Download

Ago 2, 2018 03:49 am

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Angry Birds x86 portable Torrent Download

Angry Birds

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In Angry Birds for Windows, you stand on the side of the big birds and fight the hordes of green; This game is also available for Android and iOS.

Negatives stole birds – Well, they (function () {(Application Review Desktop Page “);});

Kamikaze birds revenge

The birds are not very happy. They even disgruntledly dothey present themselves as a player, as a kamikaze hunter with hot revenge. The language has 120 levels of fun – a lot of time for Angry Birdsontslaankatapult of green pigs.

Manage your mouse

In Angry Birds using the mouse to determine the angle of the flight and just beat the enemy, or you canyou carry the fortresses of a break of pigs. If possible, you want to achieve the maximum number of pigs with a minimum number of birds, you can quickly get through the levels.

Funny cartoon pictures

As always, the graphics in cartoon style Angry Birds simple, well-designed, and theyare filled with funny detalyav.Tyya same, old sound effects are present – which can sometimes be a bit annoying.

Conclusion: A simple concept, a high dependency rate

Angry birds carry a simple but addictive puzzle physics game with beautiful graphics and a sloppy story of Windows computers.A game that is a very popular game on Android and the firmware is very addictive in its version of Windows. There are other games like Angry Birds Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds and Spaceif where you are looking for endless fun!

Happy Bird Day! Can you believe that LiteBits to isdrie? Everythingof course, we can not! Four 30 new levels, bird cake and the most exciting bird ever – Pink bird! But you have to watch out for the cake – it’s not a lie, but he has a big hit!

Party with 15 new levels «Birdday party» and an explosive delicious cake!

Pop pigs in 15 new levels of Bad Piggies!

Hello Pink Bird!Changing Happy Birdday! Can you believe Angry Birds is three? Of course, we can not! Four 30 NEWUzrovnyah cake bird, and the bird is the most exciting ever – Pink bird! But kijkuit cake – it’s not a lie, but he has a big hit!

Party with 15 new levels «BirddayParty» and an explosive delicious cake!

Poppigs in 15 new levels to get Bad Piggies!

Hello Pink Bird!

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